Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unemployment claims

Unemployment Claims
Unemployment claims is one of the most effective reports in the market.It shows the strength of the employment in U.S. market and  the total paid people from the social security each week.
Last week was worst than a week before but still better than expected, two weeks ago jobless claims got 6-Year low with 292K workers filed unemployment claims, and the last week it was 309K which is better than 331K as expected.
Analysts’ expectations show an increase in unemployment claims to 319K; once this level reached another burden will be on U.S. government shoulders over and over as most of unemployed worried about unemployment benefits delay.

As traders, all of this variation in claims numbers can give us a strong indication about U.S. economy and internal market weakness, conflicts, and inflation levels which can affect traded currencies and commodities prices at the end of day.
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