Monday, January 13, 2014

Yen, Better balance of trade and stronger for short time

The samurai currency Rose against green back after the release of Japanese trade balance. Gaining around 2.8%, Yen broke the level of 103.00 reaching three weeks strongest rate at 102.85 on Monday. The deficit was 0.3 Trillion larger than the foretasted when released this morning at 0.5 Trillion. The balance of trade for November 2013 was 82% lower than the same month in 2012, but it still do not meet the forecasts at 0.2 Trillion. Japanese exports reached 3.4 Trillions 20% higher than what it been in November 2012.

Anyway, that strength did not remain for long time. Today, Yen started to weakens as BOJ declared that Japanese investors who have U.S. bonds decided to hold it for longer period that expected which may impede the cash pumping strategy to raise the inflation rate within the economy. 

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