Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 leaving 30% loss on gold prices

Gold was on the upward trend during the first nine months in 2012, to start retreating on October, on 2013, gold started the year’s high at $1696.6 per ounce on January, due to the major global events gold fluctuated to lose more and more as U.S. dollar gain, the yellow metal fall by more than 30% reaching 12 months low.
During the year, the non-farm payroll increased by 31% (from 155K on the 4th of January to 203K on December 6). Regarding the trade balance, the main economical health measurement, U.S. trade balance recorded 0.4% deficit decline during the year, since it was 42 Millions earlier this year, reaching 40 Millions later on, to push the U.S. dollar upward trend.

During the last 12 months, reaching 7% the unemployment rate declined by 0.9%, the lowest rate since December 2008, this obvious decline in the unemployment rate started to be clear after the 16 days shutdown in the U.S. government, to push the gold upward for less than five weeks before the next long fall in the last of November, on December this year gold fall reaching $1180.57 per ounce to be recorded as the lowest price in 2013.

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