Thursday, December 12, 2013

Global indices are pointing lower

Starting with U.S. stock market indices which are taking down ward trend nevertheless the obvious recovery in U.S. economy, Standard and poor the most popular traded index is going down in the longest drop during the last ten weeks, recording 1775.502 as three weeks low, Dow Jones is not doing much better than S&P, recording 1.4% decline in the last 24 hours after the huge deficit in crude oil inventories in U.S.,  yesterday at 10.6 Million barrels which is the main industrial component, when looking at NASDAQ index it is clear that it is the most stable performance with low volatility for today, after yesterday’s drop of 1.6% keeping investors optimism of gain.

European indices are doing almost the same; CAC index is going down for the third day, touching three months low at 4060.5, DAX is on four weeks low after 14 days fall today, recording 8996.5 holding the same bearish trend with no close sign to gin.

British index is going bearish too, scoring nine weeks low after the longest weekly drop in 14 weeks at 6431.5, as so as NIKKIE doing the same with week’s low at 15225 and 1.5% drop in three days.

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