Thursday, October 10, 2013

3M Co. Stock Performance

3M Co. Stock Performance

3M Co. is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with some innovative products and services. The company operates its business through six segments: Industrial and Transportation, Health Care, Consumer and Office, Safety, Security and Protection Services, Display and Graphics.

Due to U.S. political and economic situation, the company’s performance retreated especially in the luxury, Utility, and unnecessary segments (Safety, Security and Protection, Display and Graphic). Nearly three weeks ago 3M stock price declined from $122.23 per share as average trading price to reach $117.0 per share as average trading price. Yesterday the market closed on $117.53 per share, with no bullish signals appear on the stock performance on the graph or in the market, our economists expected to open the market on Bearish prices and declining performance to stay in three weeks declining channel.

Not: according to our contract specifications CFD’s equity market opens at GMT13:30.

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