Friday, October 18, 2013

Two days after the government open

With lack and confusing information the deal between congress members and the white house, the government opened after sixteen days of closing operations. Which had inflicted completely unnecessary damage on the U.S. economy; this is the second day opening back. More than 800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand) of federal employees brought back to their positions, parks, and museums opened their doors for the public yesterday. Thus everything gone as nothing been closed, the inflation rates increased dramatically to reduce economy growth rates. 

Dollar index going down for one month low since U.S. President Barack Obama signed the budget letter, Congress agreed to end the shutdown and to raise debt ceiling over $17 trillion. Other market competitors rise, such like Euro who got its highest rate since February over 1.3703 Euro per Dollar. And as Sterling who scored two weeks high with rate of 1.6224 Pound per Dollar. 

Meanwhile, Crude oil is continuing its re-treatment as started in the late September when the talk about the shutdown started reaching low of $100.04 per barrel on Thursday and $100.54 till Friday evening. 

Whereas Gold rose up yesterday reaching $1324.50 per ounce and $1327.00 per ounce in Friday’s trades.

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