Monday, October 7, 2013

The second week started companied with Tropical Storm Karen

The second week started companied with Tropical Storm Karen

“With no end in sight, the near week-old partial U.S. government shutdown is putting growth in the world's largest economy under further threat Economists.”

With the shutdown approaching its one-week anniversary and both sides digging in their heels, that assumption is looking increasingly untenable, and the all economists’ estimates are based on an assumption that the shutdown will last two weeks and there is no violation of the debt ceiling.     

In addition, many sectors that rely on the Federal government for approvals and information are [being] impacted. The tourism and travel industry is hurt by the shutdown of national parks. And companies in the defense industry are already starting layoffs.

President Obama's proudest legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare" remaining at the center of the battle there is little room for compromise given.

To increase it to the worst, Tropical Storm Karen hit the Southeastern American Gulf Coast, the expectation talks about the period of heavy rains will fall from this slow moving storm on various Southeastern States, and many weather experts expected that there will be landfalls and high water levels. Which means that U.S. must recall its disaster recovery teams and hurricane experts to participate in the rescue operations if needed, since most of them were forces to go home.

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